MC11000 special edition

Light Weight
Platinum 760
Jem Gold 3
Jem Gold Plus trim & stitch
Sewing & Quilting:
Threadbanger TB12
Threadbanger TB30
My Style 100

Janome Stands the Test of Time

Janome sewing machines have been around for years; actually the first domestic sewing machine on the market. Like many innovators, Janome got its start in the turbulent 60s.... the 1860s!!(the New Home Sewing Machine Company) It was a time that saw great social change and amazing technical breakthroughs by men like Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. It was also a time when two entrepreneurs named A.J. Clark and William Barker began to make sewing machines that were the highest quality and easiest to use. Over the years, Janome has stuck with that idea. Today, Janome machines are known the world over for their ease-of use, precision stitching and reliability. In 1960 New Home was purchased by Janome Sewing Machine Company. In 1979 Janome introduced the first ever computerized sewing machine to the home market. In 1990 the first ever machine bringing professional-style embroidery to the home was released by Janome. Today Janome builds machines or provides parts for virtually every make of machine. Janome also has a less than 1% return for service rate, which is phenomenal in todays market. It seems like a good idea always stands the test of time.

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